The White Buffalo Woman Council Drum is a healing drum group. As women drummers, we have responsibility we accept. We must be strong and believe in what we do, and to never disrespect other people’s teachings. We are honored by the opportunity to gather together in an intertribal Drum. We recognize that each Nation is unique and Indigenous Peoples are diverse in language, geography and cultural customs. Our teachings are strong, sacred and from Nation to Nation different, and lead to the same Creator.

We Drum for others who may need it. The drum has power: The Drum symbolizes the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of the people, connects us to Mother Earth and all beings, lifts the prayers and spirits of the people drumming and in attendance, heals, and brings happiness for the heavy heart and mind.



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Women Drummers International

The Mission of Women Drummers International is to empower women and girls in all aspects of their lives through the message of the drum, which represents not only a musical experience, but a cultural and healing experience as well. Women Drummers International is committed to creating a positive and empowering environment for women to teach, learn, and perform this incredible art form.