Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

The conservation movement is and has been invaluable with all its contributions to keeping open space from being developed or mined for its resources. We are grateful for National Parks, State Parks, and all the other agencies that have elevated nature over industrialization, however, in the movement’s race to save land, they have largely alienated and forgotten Native people in that process.

Despite that fact, Native people have worked to maintain their kindred connections with the land and maintain their traditional ecological knowledge as well as their deep understanding and experience of the human interconnectedness with the earth.

The Native Visibility Project seeks to not only continue to encourage that land connection and knowledge within Native communities, but also to advocate for that wisdom with mainstream conservation and land management entities. Currently, most resource managers do not include traditional ecological knowledge as part of their land management approach.

We seek a more balanced and inclusive vision for the conservation movement and land management practices by promoting the integration of those traditional wild tending techniques and through deeper nature connection of the staff themselves.