The Native Visibility Project

The Native Visibility Project’s mission is to bring respectful and inclusive visibility to Native people in all aspects of life.

Native Americans are largely invisibilized in our culture through the preponderance of stereotypes, lack of acknowledgement, and poor school curricula. Hollywood films, sports mascots, and the fashion industry, to name a few, are responsible for making Native people into simple caricatures instead portraying them as the living, diverse, complex people they are.

Indigenous people are made invisible by the shear lack of mention in civic and community matters. In our education system, the lack of accurate and culturally competent curricula in all subjects promotes misunderstanding of Native people. The Native Visibility Project (NVP) seeks to re-insert Native people into the American consciousness with an appreciation of their diversity, complexity, and their long and deep contributions to this continent and country.

The Native Visibility Project invites Native people to courageously step forward in their communities to demand to be recognized, and request Native people be included in conversations on race, equity and community decisions. This requires boldness on the part of Native people and integrity on the part of those non-Native people standing up for racial equity to do their part by supporting a platform for Native issues.

Native Visibility Projects address the following:

  • Culture Appropriation and stereotypes
    • Mascots and logos
    • Hollywood and media caricatures
    • Commercialization/costumes/halloween
  • Reclaiming Native Truth
    • Columbus Day… Indigenous Peoples Day
    • History-school curriculum
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Inclusion in current political, environmental, and civil discourse.