Women’s Healing & Empowerment Circles

photoThere is power in a Women’s Circle. Women coming together in circles with a spiritual center are in a sacred space, are practicing and developing compassion when they listen, and are deepening themselves. Each circle connects us to Mother Earth, all sentient beings, and a collective human consciousness. In these transformative times of global conflict and economic uncertainty, the women’s circle is needed more than ever. When women gather in a circle and make a commitment to each other to be in a circle with a spiritual center, they become a vessel of healing and transformation for themselves, their families, future generations and the world.

In the circle, women learn how to find balance within themselves through self-awareness of their own healing process. Healing Circles assist women to understand the past and help them to recognize their strengths. The Women’s Healing Circles provide a space for cultural activities to in a supportive environment that is culturally safe. The Circles focus the decolonization of the body, mind and spirit and uses the medicine wheel: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being, as a tool of self-discovery, empowerment and healing.

Women’s healing circles facilitated by WBWC focus on decolonization of the body mind and spirit, with a focus on the medicine wheel teachings.