Water is Life

Mni Wiconi



In Lakota, the translation of mni wiconi is “it gives me life.” Water is every being’s first medicine. Every being needs clean water to live. Water is life and needs to be respected and protected. Indigenous women have a sacred connection to the spirit of water through our role as child bearers, and we have particular responsibilities to protect and nurture water. Indigenous women across the country are raising their voices to draw attention to water issues.

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No matter where people reside, what we do for a living, our beliefs, or age, all of us must have healthy water in order to live. Water is fundamental for our health, well-being, and survival. Ensuring an adequate and healthy water supply for all life is the most significant global environmental concerns of our time. We have an important relationship to Mother Earth and responsibilities to future generations. We must honor and respect water as sacred and sustaining of all life. Traditional knowledge and ways of life teach us to be responsible in caring for this sacred gift that sustains all life.

We invite you to learn more about water issues and to engage in protecting this valuable resource. 

Water is Life Movement

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