Protecting the Sacred

“Indigenous prophecy meets scientific prediction. What we have known and believed, you also now know: The Earth is out of balance. The plants are disappearing, the animals are dying, and the very weather – rain, wind, fire itself – reacts against the actions of the human being. For the future of the children, for the health of our Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the rest of Creation, we call upon the people of the world to hold your leaders accountable.” Circles of Wisdom: Native Peoples/Native Homelands Climate Change Workshop held in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The moment is now to stand strong and in solidarity in defense of All Life.

As indigenous women, we respect the gifts that Mother Earth gives us; water, air, food. We understand the responsibilities to protect Mother Earth, all beings and the Sacred. These responsibilities include the protection and well-being of all our children and those yet to come, as well as the children of all sentinel beings. These responsibilities require us to act to ensure a healthy planet, water, soil, plants, and air, and the protection of the winged, four-legged, the swimmers, and the crawlers, so that life may continue. Many have forgotten that we live in a natural system with natural laws that are greater than any human made law. These laws have been violated to such an extreme degree that all life is now threatened. 

Our traditional Indigenous ways of life instruct us that women hold the wisdom to heal, to teach, to give life, and understand the needs of children and the unborn. That we have a natural connection to our Mother Earth and all life. We ask all indigenous women and allies to unify. We need our elders, to teach the traditional ways, to stand and speak up, to share knowledge and wisdom with those who are younger and to support them to rise, and to unify.

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