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Gina Mikkelsen Bostian


Gina Mikkelsen Bostian was born August 21, 1960 and was of Diné (Navajo), Wyandotte, Norwegian and Irish decent. Gina sadly left us on February 22, 2019. We miss her greatly. She grew up in Marin County. Her family was very active in Native American issues and the arts, as her mother Leatrice Mikkelsen was an activist and well-known painter. Gina was the eldest of three sisters, She leaves behind her sisters Jessica and Hadezbah, her dearly loved daughters Angelina and Charlotte, who she raised in Sonoma County, and her extended family.

Gina an artist herself, had always loved art. Early on she started with photography and air brush painting. She later went into graphic design as a way to do her art and support her family. Gina worked for many years with Pomegranate (a leading publisher of award -winning books and gift products) doing much of the design work for items sold at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. Most recently she worked with Wine Country This Week doing the magazine design layout.

 As a designer Gina shared that she looked at the motivations and the needs of her clients. She felt it was important to try to see and understand where a person is coming from when helping them develop their own vision. 

Gina was one of the founding members of the White Buffalo Woman Council, where she shared her artistic talent. She transformed a beautiful buffalo painting her mother had created into the now White Buffalo Woman Council logo. Gina proudly wore this piece of art on the WBWC Drum t-shirt in honor of protecting the buffalo for the Buffalo Field Campaign. Gina loved drumming and singing with the all women intertribal drum. Her dedication to doing good in the world is where the inspiration and work of WBWC came to her—“reaching into ourselves to understand our minds and how they apply to our world can make a better kinder world.”

Gina had her own design business Gina Bostian Design http://ginabostian.com 

She also designed the AstroReader. https://www.amazon.com/AstroReader-Wheel-Astrology-Gina-Bostian/dp/0764932691 

Gina worked with Sonoma Portworks designing many of their wine labels.


Gina also designed and produced  A Song For You, 2013  – a biography of Leatrice Mikkelsen. Text by Frank La Pena https://www.blurb.com/b/5119771-a-song-for-you

“May the stars carry your sadness away, 

May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,

May hope forever wipe away your tears,

And, above all, may silence make you strong.” 

― Chief Dan George

20180326_201253 copy

Gina (Mikkelsen) Bostian (I called her Bah) was a very very dear friend of mine. Almost a sister…We’ve known each other since we were two or three years old, growing upon Willow Avenue in Corte Madera. We went to the same schools, played in the same neighborhood and became special lifelong friends.

The loss of Bah, is somethingI can’t explain. It takes my breath away… It’s almost like losing a part of me. She brought color not my life, a smile on my face and join my heart. We could spend endless hours talking, laughing and doing just nothing together.

She was a loving mother, and and amazing artist, and active democratic supporter, an astrologer, designer, dancer, drummer, singer, and one of my best friends.

You are missed greatly Bah!

háá  nilyÍÍh



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